Happy new year aww wait!!

Hello there,

Well I hope you had a lovely time over the festive period it feels weird and probably is as now it is February and it was last year, although I have seen people writing about how long January has been.. not for me I feel the 1st month has flown in, it could be that I’ve been so busy finishing up the last of my customers commissions and moving all my stuff out of Crownpoint studios that I ran past my leave day by 9 days… oops :) Not like me to be late (said no one ever who knows me) its not till your moving you realise … I’ve got a lot of stuff… A lot.

As lucky as I have been to have had some of the nicest customers and get to work on some interesting items. I am so excited to be now working on my own colourful creations with a container overloaded with lots of interesting pieces and lots & lots of colourful fabrics that I’ve had to start planning on what I’m going to work on next, its my version of a kid in a sweetie shop.

Usually when I see a piece of furniture I start to think and visuliase of the colour of fabric or the colour of paint or both ha!! one thing is for sure its always going to be something bright and colourful. Once I start working on piece of furniture, I start to think what their name will be when they are complete.. yeah I like to give my finished furniture a name, and Yeah I’m that kinda crazy but I’m sure we are all a little crazy in our own way. (I hope) I like that each piece has a name so when I’m referring to friends or family I’ll say yeah Lucille or Penelope instead of the yellow one or the purple one, it also makes a wee bit more fun. I have lots of ideas so really looking forward to adding new pieces and names to the shop so watch this space : )

I’ve already started adding more finished pieces to the shop you can check them out here and their names ha!!, these are definitely for you if you looking for something a little different for your home. If you want to start off small you can add a little colour with some of our new colourful cushions or lampshades.

With more chairs and furniture getting added very very soon and I might be biased but they have some fantastic names so stay tuned.

Until next time

Jenny x


New cushions

New cushions