Busy, busy, busy!!!

Hello folks,

Its been a bit busy for me (not complaining) : )

This week i got the keys, and moved into a new workshop aaaahhhh!!! excited                              still got a bit sort out and move about so should be settled in for Saturday.

Got two jobs to start this week for two lovely customers; the first is four country style dining chairs can't wait to show you what these will look like got some amazing bright colours for these. The second is a vintage dining table that's in need of some TLC and a new colour so this will be stripped back.

The cocktail chair is coming along nicely, finished the piping and buttons... just to finish applying the fabric, shes going to be a little cracker.

I picked up some more stock last week a little retro chest of drawers and a stunning vinyl to go with it, also a vintage dressing table got lots of ideas for this piece stay tuned for that.

Jenny x

- Turnstyle13