Whats New!!!


So Whats new, well we have a new addition to the team.... Tatiana the transit. Yes!! its our new van everyone names there car so I thought lets name the van.

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Its been a while

Hello!! It has been a while :) and omg!!! so much has been happening at turnstyle13 HQ.

If you follow my social media pages, you will have seen that I have taken the leap of faith and gone self employed eeekk!!. (its not fully sunk in yet) Its something that I've been wanting to do for a long time and life is to short not to take risks and go for it... So I did.

I've not been keeping this blog and website up to date so that's all going to change, with a weekly blog on whats been happening, up-dated furniture that will be for sale and new stock that will be getting a make-over by us or maybe you if you see something you like, new products added to the shop with an offer of 10% off when you sign up to our mailing list - this will be to keep you updated with our blog and the first to know of any offers or new furniture available to buy.

Footstools from the Drygate - Urbanmarket 20th Aug 2017

We have been busy over the past few months with quite a few jobs for our lovely customers, and we recently just did our first market in a while with our very own bespoke footstools, these will be getting added to our shop section for you to browse and buy, we are also considering starting up our own classes in making your own personalised footstools. You can let us know if that's something you might be interested in.


Jenny x






Hello February

I'm back....Hola!!!

So I've not been keeping this blog up to date its been busy few months with work, Christmas and some more excuses to follow ; ).

Though I have been busy recently just finishing four dining chairs for a lovely wee customer, these were re-stuffed with extra support added. I've also been working on a few jobs for another wonderful customer can't say to much yet pictures will be uploaded to my social media pages this week so stay tuned for those.

So I've also started making cushions and lampshades and soon to be some funky little footstools, these will be available to buy in my online shop so stay tuned.

Jenny X -





Busy, busy, busy!!!

Hello folks,

Its been a bit busy for me (not complaining) : )

This week i got the keys, and moved into a new workshop aaaahhhh!!! excited                              still got a bit sort out and move about so should be settled in for Saturday.

Got two jobs to start this week for two lovely customers; the first is four country style dining chairs can't wait to show you what these will look like got some amazing bright colours for these. The second is a vintage dining table that's in need of some TLC and a new colour so this will be stripped back.

The cocktail chair is coming along nicely, finished the piping and buttons... just to finish applying the fabric, shes going to be a little cracker.

I picked up some more stock last week a little retro chest of drawers and a stunning vinyl to go with it, also a vintage dressing table got lots of ideas for this piece stay tuned for that.

Jenny x

- Turnstyle13